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జనవరి 6, 2010

BROTHEL ‘రాజ’ భవనం బండారం, TIWARI తిమ్మిరి…..అసలు కథ..

మన ముసలొడికి మొదటి నుండి అమ్మయిల పిచ్చి ఎక్కువ.

కనపడిన అమ్మయిలు కావలంటా. ఇవి చూడండి .

86 year old in an reported orgy? TIMES ONLINE — UK SAYS, THE STORY

Tiwari’s alleged relationship with a Nepali girl, Sarika Pradhan, who was given a rank equivalent to a minister of state.

He saw the three interns who were also present in the function and asked me to hand them over to Tiwari.

Paternity suit on ND Tiwari- 29-year-old moves court for recognition as ‘natural’ son; veteran politician and governor denies allegation, says he cannot be coerced into DNA test.

The second-most-popular PM candidate is Narayan Dutt Tiwari, who was Finance Minister and also was Foreign Affairs Minister briefly.

N.D. Tiwari, facing another sex scandal, would probably receive a sympathetic hearing from the British courts if he were to claim his privacy had been breached.

మనోని పెళ్ళాం 1993 లొ చనిపోయిందంట.
అప్పటి నుండి మనోడు ఊరు మీద పడ్డాడు . ఎక్కడ పడితే అక్కడ ఎవరు కనపడితే వళ్ళు కావాలంటా.

ఈ క్రమం లొనే వాడు , ఎక్ష్. UNION MINISTER కూతురిని ని LINE లొ పెట్టాడు. వాడు వీనికి గురువటా . వాని కూతురిని ఒదార్చడానికి వచ్చినట్టు వచ్హి ( మినిస్తెర్ కి బాగా లెదప్పుడు ) కథ మొదలుపెట్టాడు.
ఆమెను ఉంచుకుంటానని చెప్పుతూ గడిపినడు. ఇంతలో అక్కడ ఇక్కడా ఎక్కడ పడితే అక్కడ పని కానిస్తూ పదవులు కుడా సంపాదించడు.

అయితే ముసలోడు కి ఆర్యేంద్ర షర్మ అని ఒక నమ్మకమయిన బ్రోకర్ గాడు ఒకడు వాడితోటె OSD గా పెట్టుకున్నడు. వాని తోనె బేర-సారం జరిపేవాడు.

రాధికా అని ఒకమె కి OBULAPURAM MINES లొ CONTRACT ఇప్పిస్తామని , AP BHAVAN లొ అంతకు ముందర చూసిన అమ్మయిలని తనకి పక్క లొకి పంపమని చెప్పాడు.
ఆమె కుడా సరె అని చెప్పి అట్లానే చెసింది… కొద్ది రొజులు ఇట్ల కొనసగింది.

ముసలొడి ‘పని’ అయినాక ‘వాని SECRETERY లు OSD ఇంకా కొంత మంది MP’ లు వీళ్ళని వాడుకోవడం START చెసారు.

ఇంతలొ ఆ CONTRACT లు రాక పొగా , CONTRACT లు రావలంటె RADHIKA ను కుడ తమతో పక్క లొ పడుకొవాలని OSD గాడు FORCE చేసడంటా. దీనిని వాడు VIDEO లు తీసి, అవి చూపించి , అమెను కూడా ప్రతి ఒక్కడూ (వెయ్యటం) వాడుకొవడం జరిగినదంటా. నోరు విప్పితే VIDEO S బయట పెడుతామని ,ఇంకా అమెపై వేరు వేరు BROTHEL , CONTRACT లొ FRAUD , CHEATING CASE లు పెడుతామని బెదిరించి ఆమెను(రాధికను) కుడా అందరు కలిసి (వెయ్యటం) వాడుకొవడం START చెసారంటా.
( అమె దబ్బు పొయ్యి , అమె వాళ్ళ ‘ పక్క ‘ ల లోకి పొయి నరకం భరించలేక VIDEO S అమెనే తీయించి ABN NEWS తో బయట పెట్టింది. )

లేక పొతే ఊరికే డబ్బు పోయిందని ముసలొడిని ఇందులో ఇరికించినదని అనుకొవడానికి లేదు)


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Hyderabad sinks from software to scams as greed and wealth swamp politics

Posted by: John Elliott | December 18, 2009

ARTICLE AT ”Hyderabad sinks from software to scams as greed and wealth swamp politics

India’s southern city of Hyderabad is becoming one of India’s most potent symbols of the greed and corruption that link politicians and businessmen. For the third time in a year, the state has been rocked by a crisis that exposes those linkages – this time over whether Andhra Pradesh should be split in two with the creation of a new state of Telangana based around Hyderabad (white area in map below).

This is a far cry from the glory and international fame of the past 15 or so years when this prosperous capital of the state of Andhra Pradesh became an international symbol of India’s dramatic growth in software, second only to Bangalore as a thriving location for information technology investment. Companies located there include Google and Microsoft, and Bill Clinton visited as US president.

The first of the state’s crises came a year ago with the collapse of Satyam, a leading Hyderabad-based software company that was owned by the family of its then chairman, Ramalinga Raju. The Rajus were closely linked with various politicians, including the state’s Congress chief minister, Y S Rajasekhar Reddy (YSR), who died in a helicopter crash in September, as well as his predecessor, Chandrababu Naidu.

Politicians are widely believed to have invested their black money in both Satyam and in Maytas Infrastructure, an associated company that received favours on contracts from the state government and drained funds out of Satyam. Both companies (Satyam has now been sold) are now being investigated for massive fraud, and Raju has been detained in jail since January.

Next came YSR’s sudden death and an immediate attempt by his politically inexperienced 37-year old son, Y.S.Jaganmohan Reddy, to become the chief minister. Jaganmohan, who had built a substantial business empire since his father came to power in 2004, was frenetically backed in a campaign by local businessmen who wanted to protect deals they had struck with his father and to be able to replicate them in the future.

As Bharat Bhushan, editor of India’s Mail Today, put it in an article (“Money backs ‘Son-rise’ in Andhra” – Oct 3, 2009) that listed many company names, YSR secured the loyalty of his supporters not by giving them lucrative government jobs, which is common practice across the country, but by facilitating opportunities for developing new businesses, especially in booming Hyderabad.

“YSR converted his key supporters into businessmen, industrialists, contractors and realtors,” wrote Bhushan. “Their loyalty to the party, or the leader, was based on pure economic interest. YSR rewarded them with contracts in state sponsored irrigation projects…….highway projects, real estate activities, development of Special Economic Zones, land grants and housing schemes in urban as well as rural areas……

“It has taken decades for Indian entrepreneurs like the Tatas, Birlas, Ambanis and Bajajs to convert family businesses into billion dollar corporations. The Congress Party under YSR in Andhra showed us that this could be done in barely five years.”

These are the businessmen who are now resisting the demands for a Telangana state. Coming from Andhra’s coastal regions, they mostly belong to the Reddy and Kamma upper castes that must now be ranked along with India’s more famous business castes and communities such as the Marwaris of the north and the Chettiars of the south.

They fear that the dispute will lead to a crash in Hyderabad real estate values and a cutback on infrastructure projects – and that they might be driven out of the capital by the new Telangana rulers.

Among the most powerful anti-Telangana politicians is Lagadapati Rajagopal, founder-chairman of the rapidly growing Lanco infrastructure, power and construction group and a Congress MP, whose development plans in and around Hyderabad would be hit hard if the state split. Another MP with powerful Delhi connections is T.Subbarami Reddy, whose Gayatri group has many infrastructure projects. Another businessman who would lose from a split is Andhra-born G.M.Rao, founder-chairman of the Bangalore-based GMR group that built Hyderabad airport and controversially has 5,000 of acres around the site waiting for development, as well as many other projects. National and local politicians are widely believed to have invested in such companies.

The Telangana claim

The Telangana people’s wish for some sort of constitutional identity has been around for over 50 years, and has been fudged and rebuffed by successive Indian governments. But last week (December 9) the central government gave way and agreed to create Telangana in order to end a fast by a local politician and activist, K. Chandrashekhar Rao (KCR), leader of Telangana Rashtriya Samiti, who was risking his life to revive his crumbling political image.

That humane but politically clumsy decision led to violent demonstrations in Hyderabad, plus resignation threats by about half the members of the legislative assembly. This paralysed the state government and sparked follow-on bifurcation claims from other states all over India.

But observers of India’s frequently muddled and confusing political scene need not fear any imminent Balkanisation of India’s 28 states. Having prevented the death of the fasting politician, the government is back to fudge, and hopes to stall the Telangana claims indefinitely, maybe even until the state’s next assembly elections in 2014. Meanwhile, other states’ claims to be split will be examined, and some may push ahead a little – but there is no crisis, despite blanket and over-excited media coverage.

Unlike most other bifurcation claims, the battle over Telangana is about wealth, not language or ethnic divisions, nor dramatic differences in geography. It would also the first time that the capital of a state has gone with the new entity – normally the breakaway has to start afresh.

The people of coastal Andhra have benefited economically since the days of British rule when there was extensive investment in irrigation, but the Telangana region lagged behind under the thumb of the Nizam of Hyderabad. When Hyderabad began to flourish in the 1990s as an IT centre, wealthy landowners from the coastal region flocked to the city to develop real estate and infrastructure projects, lining up with local politicians such as YSR and his cronies to secure contracts and licences. This is the wealth that they fear the creation of Telangana would put at risk.

The reputation of Hyderabad and Andhra has been severely damaged by this series of crises. It is causing concern among both Indian and international investors who had not known – or had ignored – the political-business linkages and scams.

The state now has an uncertain political future. The death of YSR has removed an able political leader who, despite his business links and cronyism, was an effective Congress chief minister. Now the Congress Party is split over who his successor should be, as well as over the Telangana issue. And, of course, politicians’ fixing of contracts and projects for the benefit of themselves and their cronies is visible for all to see.

దొంగలు దొంగలు కలిసి ఊళ్ళు పంచుకున్నరంట( YSR AND HIS AIDES )

దొంగలు దొంగలు కలిసి ఊరు పంచుకున్నరంట

Money backs ‘ Son- rise’ in Andhra , ABOUT Y.S. & Co.

Money backs ‘ Son- rise’ in Andhra by Bharat Bhushan [PUBLISHED ON 3rd october 2009 in 10th page of MAIL TODAY NEWS PAPER.]



Money backs ‘ Son- rise’ in Andhra

by Bharat Bhushan

IT HAS been a month since the former Andhra Chief Minister Y S Rajasekhar Reddy ( YSR) died in a helicopter crash.

The Congress high command has allowed his son, Y S Jaganmohan Reddy and his supporters to run riot in this period.

They paid people whose next of kin died of old age, chronic illness or other causes to say that they had died of shock after learning of YSR’s untimely and tragic death. This number was totted up to nearly 600 with talk of nearly half a dozen “ suicides”. Surprisingly, if the Jaganmohan Reddy run Sakshi TV and newspaper of the same name are to be believed, many of those who died of shock gave a dying declaration that after YSR only his son could continue his propoor policies as chief minister. India has not witnessed such a farce since Independence.

Today, in Andhra Pradesh, it would seem that there is no other Congress leader than Jaganmohan Reddy, no administration, no governance and a chief minister whose writ does not run over his own council of ministers.

Ironically, by allowing Jaganmohan Reddy to continue his unseemly blackmail, the Congress high command is transforming the political novice into the political leader that he never was.

But more of that later. One must first ask how such a political greenhorn enjoys, according to his claims, the support of three- fourths of Andhra MLAs. The answer lies in the changing pattern of political patronage in Andhra Pradesh.

Time was when Congressmen like others in public life accumulated political capital not only by their propeople initiatives but also through fostering intricate patron- client relationships.

This entailed appointing supporters to non- elected positions in the party and the government, helping them build their own patronage networks by giving them clear advantages such as access to the state machinery, and funding their election to local bodies, workplace unions, etc. In short, the attempt was to demonstrate to them that there were political advantages to be had by aligning with the party in power.


Andhra Pradesh seems to be changing that structure of patronage.

Instead of giving partymen a share in one’s political capital — the more one shared it, the more it grew — the Congress supporters are given a stake in the state’s economic enterprises.

YSR ushered in this revolution.

He converted his key supporters into businessmen, industrialists, contractors and realtors. Their loyalty to the party or the leader was based on pure economic interest.

YSR rewarded them with contracts in state sponsored irrigation projects ( the much- publicised Rs. 130,000 crore “ Jalyagnam” projects), highway projects, real estate activities, development of Special Economic Zones ( SEZs), land grants and housing schemes in urban as well as rural areas. The loyalty of a majority of the 156 Congress MLAs who got tickets in the last assembly elections was secured through such largesse. Some others have benefitted with smooth and quick approvals of their business ventures.

Those Congressmen who got irrigation project contracts during the YSR regime include MPs T Subbirami Reddy, Kavuri Sambasiva Rao and Rayapati Sambasiva Rao; state ministers Komatireddy Venkat Reddy and P Ramachandra Reddy; and MLA Adala Prabhakar Reddy.

And these are only the big fish — many other party MLAs like Adinarayana Reddy, Srikanth Reddy, Gurunath Reddy, and A Indrakaran Reddy ( former MLA) are believed to have got smaller irrigation and associated road works contracts.

Andhra Congress MLAs whose real estate business thrived during YSR’s chief ministerial tenure include ministers Shilpa Mohan Reddy and Jupalli Krishna Rao, who defaulted on payment of crores of rupees to an urban co- operative bank and Lagadapati Rajagopal ( Congress MP from Vijayawada who is building Lanco Hills — the country’s biggest real estate project). Many other Congress leaders like D Sudheer Reddy ( MLA) and Malreddy Ranga Reddy ( former MLA) have benefitted from the Rs. 3,000 crore Outer Ring Road project of Hyderabad.

Nellore MP Mekapati Rajamohan Reddy and his brother Chandramohan Reddy, MLA, have won contracts for roads and building works. K Pratap Reddy, the Treasurer of the Congress, has stakes in the cement industry and is believed to have business links with the YSR family.

Vijayawada Congress MP Lagapati Rajagopal is believed by many to be the biggest beneficiary of the YSR regime and is involved in businesses ranging from power, iron castings, real estate and infrastructure.

In short, it is difficult to find a Congressman of any consequence in Andhra who has not benefitted from the largesse of the state government.

Several businessmen, industrialists, realtors and contractors who are not directly in politics — some cutting across political lines like the Karnataka BJP minister and mine lord G Janardhan Reddy of Bellary who was given 10,700 acres of land in Anantapur — are all worried about their projects in various stages of development. They have a right to be worried.


Businesses which are underwritten and steered by someone at the helm of the state are less likely to fail. They were failsafe investments. Now their future is suddenly uncertain.

It has taken decades for Indian entrepreneurs like the Tatas, Birlas, Ambanis and Bajajs to convert family businesses into billion dollar corporations.

The Congress party under YSR in Andhra showed us that this could be done in barely five years.

The YSR family’s market capitalisation is estimated to be nearly three- fourths of the annual budget of Andhra Pradesh which is around Rs 1,00,000 crore. The family enterprises and business interests spread across real estate ( Silicon Builders, Classic Realty, Bhagvath Sannidhi Estates), infrastructure ( Silicon Infrastructure, Shalom Infrastructure, Marvel Infrastructure, Janani Infrastructure, Athena Infra, Viz Projects), cement ( Bharathi Cement), chemicals ( Pulivendula Polymers), plantations ( Forest Plantations India Ltd), power generation ( Athena Energy, Athena Kakinada Power, Sainz Hydro), newspapers ( Jagati Publications) and television ( Indira Television) besides owning Carmel Asia Holdings Pvt. Ltd.

The formidable business empire that YSR and his son set up has stakeholders among those who are in politics and business in Andhra today. The future of their investments depends on having a constant gardener from the YSR family to tend their interests. They cannot afford to let Jaganmohan Reddy lose out in the chief ministerial sweepstakes.


It is difficult to understand on the other hand why the Congress high command is so indulgent towards Jaganmohan’s shenanigans. Does the party have good reason to allow the mess that Jaganmohan Reddy’s supporters are creating in Andhra Pradesh? YSR was very close to Rajiv Gandhi who appointed him the state Congress chief at the relatively young age of 35 years. Sonia Gandhi has always valued loyalty to her late husband.

More importantly, YSR also delivered politically — not once but in two consecutive assembly and Lok Sabha elections. There would have been no UPA I or II without the electoral outcome of Andhra adding muscle to the Congress.

Another speculation doing the rounds is that the Congress high command is reluctant to act quickly against Jaganmohan Reddy because YSR was also believed to be one of the largest funders of the party.

Those sources of funds are now controlled by his son. So instead of cutting him to size, the party is being indulgent. Why else would the party allow speculation about Jaganmohan Reddy being offered Deputy Chief Ministership or a place in the central council of ministers? Could it be on the other hand that Jaganmohan Reddy is being allowed to demonstrate the support he enjoys in order to nurse his image as a mass leader? There could well be a strategy to allow the demonstration of support and soon people will forget that YSR’s son is a political novice. The blatant hooliganism of his supporters seems to have scuttled his chances to fill YSR’s shoes immediately. However, this will not prevent his well- wishers from claiming that YSR Junior has come into his own as a political leader with a mass base. This would pave the way for his accommodation in the party or the government.

bharat.bhushan@ mailtoday.in

వర్డ్‌ప్రెస్.కామ్‌లో ఓ ఉచిత వెబ్‌సైటు లేదా బ్లాగును సృష్టించుకోండి.